Man Marries 3 Women At Once, 2 Are Sisters


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Man Marries 3 Women At Once, 2 Are Sisters!

One they say is a handful not to talk of three at once!!!

Mohammad Ssemanda, a 50-year-old Ugandan man amazed fellow residents by wedding three women at once. Mohammad is a food vendor at Kasenyi landing site in Wakisco district.

Mohammad revealed that all his wives loved him and agreed to marry him despite knowing that he was not financially stable.

Being a Muslim, he is allowed to marry up to four wives and it’s not strange thing at all. He said

The wives are:

Salmat Naluwugge, 48 and the first wife, whom he has been with for 20-years with five children. Jameo Nakayiza, 27 and Mastulah Namwanje, 24, are also sisters. They both have children also.

Mohammad said: “My wives are not jealous against each other. Good enough, each has got a home and I promise to work harder and support them”

Salmat Naluwugge, who spoke on behalf of the three wives praised Allah for making their wedding possible and for granting her a 20-year blissful relationship with Mohammad.

She said: “I thank our husband for marrying us all at once, a sign that he will not discriminate or sideline any of us”




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