The Love Story Of Annie and 2Face Idibia – How They Met At Age 15 (With Photos)


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Some true life stories of love are worth revisiting. Annie and 2Face’s love story is one of such. It is a story that encompasses youth, love, cheating, break-ups, make-ups, baby mama dramas and various ups and downs. Yet, the proposal came, they got married and still ended up as ONE!

The Love Story of Annie and 2Face- How They Met at Age 15:

When Annie was just fifteen, she first met 2Face Idibia at Even Ezra Music Studio. In her words, “I think there was some electricity that second.” They first became friends but had started dating officially by the time they shot the “African Queen” video in 2004. That was when 2Face announced in an interview that they were together.

Annie said, “I remember my 16th birthday at Alpha Beach, with me and my friends. When we were going home, we all walked to the bus stop with him and his Cousin. Plantashun Boiz had just recorded “Knock Me Off” at the time so he wasn’t a star yet. So we got into the bus, he sat in front with his cousin so when we wanted to pay the conductor, he said, “no, he don pay already” I was feeling like a babe. “Hey! my boyfriend paid everybody’s bus fare.” And that time, bus was like N2.50k or N3 per person for about 14 people. But he told me recently that he didn’t eat that night because he paid for everyone”.


Annie and 2Face Idibia had their first break-up soon after Annie’s entertainment career became more difficult because of her being seen as “2Face’s girl”. They later came back together, and broke up again.

In quick succession, 2Face got two different women pregnant- Pero Adeniyi and Sumbo Ajala. Annie was hurt and they broke up. They had their longest break up which lasted almost a year and a half when Pero and Sumbo for the second time got pregnant for 2Face.


Love conquers all things, they say. They made-up again and Annie gave birth to 2Face’s fifth child, Isabel. Even after the make up, in 2012, Pero gave birth to his sixth child in the US in 2012.


2Face proposed to Annie on Valentine’s Day in 2012 at Jay Jay Okocha’s Club in Victoria Island, Lagos. They weren’t even dating then, but were still on talking terms after he had unexpectedly visited her at home a few weeks before then and asked for her forgiveness and friendship.

Eye-withness reports said: 2Face took Annie to a quiet section of the club, he knelt down and told her “I know we have had our ups and downs but it will be my heart’s desire for you to marry me” and he presented the dazzling ring. Annie began to scream “Yes, Yes, Yes” after crying her eyes out!


2Face brought out his then-fiancee, Annie, shortly after his Concert during his “African Queen” performance. The two legalized their union secretly in a Lagos Registry on Tuesday, May 1, 2012.

They later had their traditional wedding in Akwa Ibom on Friday 8th March, 2013, followed by elaborate wedding parties before and after. The white wedding took place in Dubai on Saturday, 23 March, 2013.




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