The Power Of Touch- Amazing Touching Effects!


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The Power Of Touch- Amazing Touching Effects!

Study shows that close and comforting contacts such as cuddles and hugs not only keep babies warm, snug, and loved, but can also change their genetics for years.

Source/Credit: Science Alert


In fact, one of my daughters asks for hugs like no man business. It was to the point that she greets her teachers with hugs both at school and in church.

Even at home, whenever she does something wrong and you discipline her, she doesn’t feel happy and accepted until she gets a reassuring hug from you.

Dear Parents And Guardians,

Every child is unique and different and has different emotional needs. Let’s be very generous with hugs and cuddles for our children so that they don’t feel starved of affections and start looking for it from outsiders that may abuse such privileges!


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