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It feels great to know that someone got your back no matter what.

As you go about your activities this week, choose to STAND UP for your spouse and support each other. Working and walking together with your spouse makes it a lot more easier to conquer your daily and weekly challenges, including navigating through your conflict areas.

So guys, STAND UP for your LOVE!



  1. Emeka Ihebie says:

    The author of this Blog knows I stand up wella for her. On a serious note, working and walking together goes a long way in defeating virtually all challenges that a couple may face. The bible says one will chase 1000 and two will chase 10,000 but the bible did not say 1000 or 10000 of what. It is deliberate. It means no matter the nature of the challenges, 10,000 of it will fall before a united couple. I am yet to see a challenge that has survived a united attack or front put up by me and my wife. Honestly!!! We always win when we face it together and squarely with God helping us!!!! Marriage rocks jooor!!!!!

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