The law of sowing and reaping in relationships


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On my way back from work yesterday, after picking my children from their school, on our way home, we stopped by a bakery to buy fresh bread.

I stayed back in the car and sent my four year old daughter inside to buy the bread.

I gave her N500 to buy N350 worth of bread and bring N150 change.

We waited for her and she wasn’t forth coming. So I decided to go check her inside.

They told me that she wanted the bread but she doesn’t want to give them the money. At last, she released the money and got bread and change back.

It may sound childish but that’s the attitude most of us bring into our relationships.

The law of sowing and reaping is fundamental In all aspects of life, including relationships.

To build an enduring, successful relationship requires investment of quality time, energy and resources.

Most of us want to enjoy the dividend of an enduring successful relationship without paying the necessary price of commitment.

Building a successful relationship can alter your career, personal plans, daily routine and even your leisure.

These alterations are ways of sowing into your relationship and in due time you will reap a strong successful relationship that has passed through and conquered challenges.

Reflect on these as you go through your weekend.

Thank God it’s Friday!

Happy weekend friends.


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