The need to prioritize the health and security of your children


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I started the journey of motherhood over seven years ago. During these years, I have come to learn, relearn and even unlearn some things. When it comes to dealing with children, it is a continuous learning process with unique challenges to conquer on daily basis.

There are two areas I consider topmost priority when it comes to dealing with children and third parties. These areas are their health and their security. I might compromise the comfort of my children a bit in order to be more accommodating and to show more understanding, depending on the situation on ground.

However, when is comes to my children’s health and security, I am neither diplomatic nor sentimental. Rather, I can be downright blunt about it!

Children can be be innocently naive, inexperienced, and not capable of taking certain decisions by themselves. For these reasons, they need parents and guardians.

Have you ever been in a situation in which you are almost compelled to compromise the health or security of your child in order to please a third party?

I know I have been in situations where close family visitors have bought or brought some edibles for my children and I realised that health-wise I wouldn’t want my children to eat such things. In such a situation, I will rather offend a third party while protecting the health and security of my children than please someone at the expense of my children’s health and security.

As a parent or guardian, how firm are you in protecting the interest of your kids or wards?

Sometimes children, in their innocence and ignorance, crave for things and situations that can compromise their health and security. At other times, third parties, especially the very close ones, tend to compel us to agree to things that can compromise the health and security of our children and wards. When faced with such cases, it is our duty as parents and guardians to ensure we don’t allow the health and security of our children to be compromised.

I remember in my first year in the university, I visited a friend and I was offered food. I was neither hungry nor had appetite for the food offered. Everything within me rejected the food but because I couldn’t muster enough courage then to reject the food or to politely say I don’t want to eat, I forced myself to eat the food and I regretted it because it almost made me throw up. I compromised my health just to please my friend!

Anytime I remember the incident, I usually resolve even more never to compromise the health or security of my children in order to please anybody, no matter who.

Some of us drop our children and wards at places that are detrimental to their security and we see the obvious red flags, but because a close friend or family is involved, we find it difficult to take decisions that will safeguard our children.

Children are defenseless and if we parents and guardians don’t protect and defend them, then who will?


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    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      Really? Anyway, as for me, I can bend a bit on their comfort issue but not on health and security. Thanks for stopping by.

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