Drama as Nigerian man pulls out belt and flogs wife in public over side chick


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There was serious drama at Film-house cinema yesterday when a Nigerian man, literally pulled out his belt from his waist to publicly whip his wife… Why?! Because she interrupted the rendezvous he and his side chick were engaged on…

The Nigerian man who took his ‘side chick’ out on a movie date at Film-house got more than he bargained for after his wife showed up and created a scene.


According to an eye witness, the said wife trailed her husband and his alleged girlfriend to Film-house, Lekki, yesterday, March 3rd 2018.
On getting there, she approached her husband’s vehicle and told the girlfriend to wind down the window after which she gave her two heavy slaps, asking her to step out of the vehicle while shouting,

“He is a married man”


Enraged by the action of his wife, the husband pulled out his belt and began flogging his wife with it. To escape the domestic violence, the wife dashed back to her vehicle and tried to drive out but her husband blocked her, asking her to return the SUV as he bought it for her.

LASTMA officials had to intervene to stop the husband from beating his wife further.

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To all the married men who ignore their wives and carry ‘Side-chicks’, you better watch your backs!

For ‘Side-chicks’ who run after married men, “There is God o” (In Patience Jonathan’s voice). Help us avoid stories that touch!

Come to think of it:

Why do people cheat on their spouses?

Can one really justify cheating in marriage?

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Drama as Nigerian man pulls out belt and flogs wife in public over side chick

  1. Emeka Ihebie says:

    The drama between married people and side chicks or cocks did not start today. However, I think the woman was wrong with the way she handled the matter. There are many ways to kill a rat🐀especially money swallowing rats like side chicks or boos (this evil is not limited to men alone. Women also, sometimes engage in having side boos or cocks). She should have first looked inward to discover why Bros is playing away match. If she feels she is not the cause, she could then stylishly confront him privately. If the man is adamant, she could discreetly gather her evidence and then involve respected and respectable 3rd parties. If that does not work she may choose either to live with it or divorce the man. If she has good and compelling evidence, she can get plenty compensation and serious damages from both the man and the side chick. Public disgrace is never the way to go. Meanwhile the man and the LATSMA officials are simply irresponsible and shameless. How can a responsible man resort to flogging his wife in the public? That says a lot about the man. Very irresponsible and shameless somebody. As for the officials, their actions or inaction in the face of domestic violence is symptomatic of how our law enforcement agencies treat domestic violence. Somebody is visiting violence on another and they did not arrest him or even hand him over to the police. Irresponsible people everywhere. We treat this matter with great levity yet people get killed all the time over this issue. It is a pity!

    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      I quite agree with you on all the perspectives except on the one where she has to look inward to discover why her husband is playing away match. I don’t think that the answer is within her. Rather, the issue is with the man. No matter the problem or issue in the marriage, cheating shouldn’t be the solution. Even if the marriage has so degenerated, they can honourably pathways and not resort to cheating in the marriage.

    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      Some people actually justify cheating on one’s partner by blaming the person whose partner is Cheating. They tend to attribute the reason for the cheating on the other partner’s attitude. In as much as some people can have really terrible attitude, I don’t see that or any other reason as justification for cheating in marriage.

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