Terrible: As Man Ends 4-month-old Marriage After Discovering His Wife’s Dirty Secret


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A Nigerian Twitter user identified simply as Misogynist (@manmustwack), has taken to the social networking platform to narrate the story of how a man’s beginning of a new journey in marriage with the love of his life, turned out sour as the newly married man asked for divorce from his wife barely 4 months after they tied the knot.

According to a friend of the unidentified man who shared the story on social media, the man’s wife had been lying to him about a man who turned out to be her sugar daddy and even stood as a witness at their court marriage.

It was gathered that the man’s wife had even introduced the sugar daddy to him as an uncle, and even her family knew the truth about their affair.

Here’s how the man’s friend narrated the story:
“Guy got married and within 4 months this nigga asked for divorce and said the babe should leave. Everybody asked him wetin happen my guy refused to say anything. 2 years after this guy just dey tell me wetin happen.”

“Anyway, person wen stand as witness for their court wedding na the babe sugar daddy. Mans said what pained him the most is that the babe made him carry wine to this man’s house as per “Uncle” I want to marry her o.

“He went thinking she was really her relative not knowing say na family benefactor wen her full family know. He hasn’t been able to tell his family why because of shame.”

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Even if the sugar daddy relationship was a mistake and part of her past, issues like that should be disclosed during Courtship.

Open and transparent communication during courtship averts disaster in marriage.


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    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      Actually, everything is possible! Somethings may be quite difficult but that doesn’t mean they are impossible. As you said, it all depends on the parties involved.

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