Professional Hearers Association: Are You A Member?


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Professional Hearers Association

The popular saying: “No Condition Is Permanent” may not be totally true. Yes! You read it correctly. This is because some conditions can actually be permanent.

Generally, every condition in life can be temporary, but is not really temporary. This means that every condition has the potential of being changed if there is a corresponding action in the direction that will produce such desired changes.

However, if nothing is done to produce such changes, then the condition has no other choice than to remain permanent.


Taking action in the direction that brings positive change is the difference between professional hearers and doers.


Great relationships, be it marital, secular, spiritual, or in any other area of life is the result of corresponding positive actions in the direction of the desired change.


If you just enjoy hearing without taking any corresponding positive action in the direction of your desired change, then you belong to the professional hearers association.

However, when you take positive steps on what you hear towards the direction of your desired change, then you belong to The Doers!


So, are you a member of the Professional Hearers Association?


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