Laugh It Off! Children’s opinion


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grand ma’s look

Oh my God!

These children will not wound me with laughter!

After dressing up this morning and ready to leave for work, the following conversation occurred between me and my children:

My four year old daughter:” Mummy, you look like grand ma!”

Me: (I immediately headed back to the mirror to take a second look at myself)

grand ma’s look

My seven year old son: “Yes o… mummy, you look like grandma”

Me: (By then I was becoming quite uncomfortable with the dressing). “Are you sure”

Both children: “Yes mummy, you look like grand ma”

At this point, I decided to involve the big bros, my husband. So I asked my husband:

Me: “Meemee (husband’s pet name), do I really look like grand ma?”

Meemee: ” Some how….(after laughing at us)”

They won o. I had to go and change the dressing before leaving the house.

the new look
the new look

Please help me judge this matter.

Is it true?

Do I really look like grand ma in that dressing?


8 thoughts on “Laugh It Off! Children’s opinion

  1. Angel says:

    If you ask me:
    You look like grandma (you resemble grandma)
    Is different from:
    You are dressed like grandma (which means your dressing…)
    It now depends on what you understand from their innocent expression
    Children ehhhh , lol !

  2. Emeka Ihebie says:

    Hahaha no you did not look like grand ma in the first picture….you actually look like ancestral great grand ma… Looool… But you can combine the clothes with other trendier ones to look better. Wonderful children.

  3. Angel says:

    Anyway, the second outfit is actually better
    However, children will always be children
    We must not always read deep meanings to their expressions

  4. Chy says:

    You look like Mary Amaka!!! Which dey can only understand as grandma… They nailed it biko. I give it to dem for allowing u change DT combo….. The 2nd combo is much better… ..
    Children!!! How I love their innocence.

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