Weird Facts On Marriage


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weird facts on marriage

No sex in a marriage has a much more powerful negative impact on a marriage than good sex has a positive impact.

Source: Strange but true facts

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2 thoughts on “Weird Facts On Marriage

  1. Emeka Ihebie says:

    I say couples should stop depriving one another of sex. Those who say sex is not food should watch out. It is more important than food in marriage. I don’t know why somebody will get into marriage start depriving his or her spouse of sex. What is that? Now if the deprived partner decides to cheat all hell will be let loose on him or her. People should be ready to have plenty sex in marriage. A man living near a river should not be washing his hands with spittle.

    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      In as much as spouses should not deprive themselves, I think there should be mutual consent and understanding between spouses when it comes to sexual intimacy. Even when any of the spouses feels deprived in that area, the couple should work together towards a sustainable solution rather than resort to cheating.

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