My Fashionista Baby- Painted Nails (Photos)


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Baby painted nails

When you have a four-year old girl who wants to be the fashionista that you are not, you see things like the one in the picture below.

Baby painted nails

Hmmmm! Lol…….

My four-year old girl does not cease to surprise me with her interest in fashion and makeup.

On one occasion, I saw her painting her fingers with my pen. I cautioned her and asked her if she had ever seen me with painted nails. (seriously, painting nails is not my thing. It doesn’t just click for me, at least not now).

In response to my scolding, she told me that her teachers paint their nails and that she likes painted nails.

Can you imagine that?

The influence of teachers on children is actually far more than we can ever imagine. From my encounter with my daughter, it is clear that not only do children look up to their teachers, but also the teachers mould the lives of those children.

When my daughter she said that her teachers also pain their nails, I then took my time to explain to her that she was (and is still) too young to paint her nails and that such are for mummies and aunties only.

After my explanations, I thought we had permanently resolved the matter, not knowing that I was yet to see the bigger picture.

Few days later, I saw my son (7 years old) dragging my daughter towards me to make a complaint. When I looked at them, I realised that I needed no further explanation.

Apparently, my daughter went and took my permanent marker and painted all her finger nails and even her finger edges.

I wonder if she learnt that type of nail painting from her teachers too.

I had to tell her to stretch out the painted nails while I snapped them, making her believe that the photos are to be kept as a reminder for her not to try such again. ( reminder indeed! Lol….).

Now to the matter!

Can somebody please tell me how to handle this my little girl that wants to be everything that I am not where fashion and makeup is concerned?

Any ideas on what I should do?


2 thoughts on “My Fashionista Baby- Painted Nails (Photos)

  1. Angel says:

    She is just being adventurous.
    Just keep talking to her.
    One of my girls (help) once told me that as long as you have children, you can’t say you are tired of talking. So keep talking and allow her enjoy being a child that she is. Remember she is not an adult 😍😀😀

    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      Hmmmmm. I think I agree with your suggestion. Children will always act their age even when we adults tend to be more serious with things, they don’t really care.
      Alright. Thank you for this!

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