The Dangers Of Unnecessary Comparison And Way Forward


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Dangers of unnecessary comparison and way forward

Unnecessary comparison is something that most of us indulge in either consciously or unconsciously.

We tend to compare our achievements and successes with those of our colleagues or contemporaries.

However, unnecessary comparison is one thing that can drain self-joy, kill heart of gratitude and induce depression.

Wait o………

Why would you even be comparing yourself with someone else?

Anyway, when next you are tempted to compare yourself with someone else, remember the following:

Dangers of unnecessary comparison:

  • Comparison makes you loose your originality: Being original makes you unique. However, you can improve on yourself but don’t loose yourself.
  • Comparison brings envy and jealousy, thereby creating unnecessary rivalry and enmity
  • There is nothing like a ” perfect” life. The so-called perfection you see in people’s lives is an illusion. Different people have different things they are dealing with. So, don’t get carried away or be deceived.
  • Life is not totally fair. Yes! Some people naturally have more advantages than others. However, you can create your own advantages even if you were not born with any.
  • Your destiny and destination is different from others’
  • Comparison can drain your joy and leave you depressed
  • The only healthy comparison is comparing yourself with YOU!

However, the following points can help you quit the game of unnecessary comparison:

  • Love yourself for who you are
  • Have a heart of gratitude: Be thankful for the so called “little” things and opportunities that life gives you.
  • Develop and improve on yourself continuously
  • Remain focused to your dreams, values and aspirations
  • Relax, exercise and occasionally blend some positive fun into your work and life


Why do you think people indulge in unnecessary comparison?


How would you differentiate comparison with having role models in life?

Say your mind in the comment section!



2 thoughts on “The Dangers Of Unnecessary Comparison And Way Forward

  1. Anonymous says:

    Human beings are naturally competitive. You even hear prayers like “let me be where my mates are in life” or something like that. This means that if a person, in the estimation of the society, is not where his or her mates are, the person is derided or pitied. Thus we are expected to marry vat a particular time, have children, graduate and build houses at a p[articular time.Unfortunately, that “time” is mostly determined by the state of our mates. Sometimes we even have parents , in rebuking their children, compare them to others. “Don’t see Ikechukwu? He already has a car!!!!” Spouses also compare their spouses with others. My wife once suggested we start having sex every two weeks because I once told her one of my colleagues confessed to me that he has not had sex with his wife for two weeks!!!! So the first cause of destructive comparison is societal pressure. Another reason is lack of self confidence or self belief. When a person lack self confidence, he will always look up to another person as yardstick for excellence. There is also the issue of lack of self awareness. As the saying goes, if you don’t know where you are going, every destination becomes acceptable. If you know who you are, you will know you don’t have a duplicate. Lastly, lack of knowledge of God can cause destructive comparison. The Bible says that they that compare themselves with themselves are not wise.
    On the difference between mentor and unhealthy comparison, the difference lies in the fact that mentoring focuses on making yoy a better person under the genuine guidance of another while destructive comparison focuses on another person with you struggling to be like that person. Nice write up.

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