Why TGIF?- What Is So Special About Friday?


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I work in a school and one of the songs that students sing with so much enthusiasm, especially on Fridays is:

“Today is Friday, everybody likes it lala lala la”

In most work places, once it is Friday, you hear things like:

Thank God It’s Friday! (TGIF).

Of all the days of the week, I am yet to see a day that people celebrate and look forward to its coming than a Friday.

So I ask:

What is so special about Fridays?




2 thoughts on “Why TGIF?- What Is So Special About Friday?

  1. Emeka says:

    It is special because there would be no work the following day….the opposite is what you feel on Sunday evenings…..

    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      Really? Even people who claim to love the work they do still celebrate Friday so much because there won’t be work the following day. Is it not contradictory?

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