Afang Soup Preparation Gone Bad! (Photos)


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Afang Soup gone bad!

As a correct Nigerian babe, I don’t hesitate to maximize any opportunity to learn new delicacies.

So, I decided to give my family some special treat and cook Afang Soup this weekend after a colleague of mine from Akwa Ibom State taught me the cooking process last week.

I went to the market on Saturday and bought the Afan Soup ingredients which included the following:

  • Afang leaf (Ukazi)
  • Water leaf
  • Beef
  • Stock fish (Okporoko)
  • Dried fish
  • Crayfish
  • Red oil
  • Seasoning
  • Snail
  • etc

I decided to use snail instead of periwinkle because sucking periwinkle shell in soup doesn’t appeal to me.

The procedure:

Afang leaf preparation- In trying to keep good hygiene, I bought the raw (uncut) afang leaf, washed and dried it. Then I cut it, though not a very smooth and tiny cutting like the ones they sell at the market.

Then I decided to pound the afang leaf with my handy little mortar, because my colleague said pounded afang leaf gives better result than grounded one.

To my surprise, the afang leaf was too hard to pound. In looking for an alternative solution, I resorted to using my blender.

So, I transferred the afang leaves from the mortar to the blender and added a little water for easy blending.

What did I get?

A bigger surprise!

The afang leaves refused to be blended either.

What a very stubborn leaf!

After trying to either pound/blend the afang leaf without getting much positive result, I decided to use it like that for my “Afang Soup”.

The pictures below are samples of the end product:

Though the soup tastes delicious, but the stubbornness of the afang leaf was so obvious in the mouth!

Afang soup obviously gone bad indeed!

Have you tried cooking something and it came out bad?

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