A 38 Year Old Teacher Caught Sleeping With Pupil In Lagos


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A 38 Year Old Teacher Caught Sleeping With Pupil In Lagos


A 38-year old man, Mr. Clement Momudu, was arrested by the police after he was caught having sex with an 11-year old girl inside the school compound at the popular Inner City Mission Nursery and Primary School located in Alausa area of Lagos.

The police alleged that on 28th July, 2018, Mr. Momudu lured the victim into one of the classrooms in the school premises, removed her pant and penetrated her. While he was still engaging in the act, one of the school staff caught him and raised alarm which attracted other members of staff.

He was apprehended and handed over to the police at the Alausa Division. The matter was later transferred to the Gender Section of the State Police Command.

It was gathered that during investigation, Momudu admitted but claimed that he did not force her into the act; that he did it with her consent as such it was not rape.

However, the police found him culpable and charged him before the Ogba Magistrates court for the offence.

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Source: Information Nigeria



What a shame!

But wait, what kind of consent could an 11 year old possibly give?

It is a big shame how desperate people could be just to satisfy their sexual urges.


What do you think parents and guardians could do better to reduce cases of sexual assault on the younger ones?



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