Background Check Before Marriage-Very Important


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Background check before marriage
Background check before marriage

My Background Check Before Marriage:

After my husband proposed to me, I confided in one of my elder brothers, who is also like a spiritual father to me. My brother asked me to give him all the relevant information I have about this guy that wants to marry me and where he is from so that he can secretly run a background check on him.

I gave my brother every information he needs to run a background check on my husband-to-be and he proceeded with the background check.

Meaning Of Background Check Before Marriage:

A background check or background investigation is simply the process of looking up and compiling personal/family records, criminal records, commercial records and financial records of a prospective spouse before marriage.

Importance Of Background Check Before Marriage:

Stories of high level deceit in relationships and marriages have become so common these days, especially with increased technological advancement and high rate of Facebook and social media oriented relationships and marriages.
The percentage of people who get married to persons they know from Adam is quite small. Everybody has a past, whether good or bad. Some people enter into marriage, concealing vital and relevant information about themselves. Hence the need for a background check before marriage.
Background check before marriage is very needful as it equips you with most of the information you need about your prospective spouse so that you can make an informed decision on whether or not to go ahead with the relationship and marriage.
There are stories of people claiming that they never new the person they were in a serious relationship with was already married. This is the kind of thing that a proper background check before marriage helps to avoid.

Areas To Run Background Check Before Marriage On:

  •  True identity: There is a lot of deception and people claiming to be who they are not, just to deceive and defraud others in the name of marriage. Appearance is not reality and some people portray what is different from their true identity. So, carrying an investigation to confirm that your prospective spouse is truly who he/she claims to be is an action in the right direction. It helps to put your mind at rest. This is mostly needed if you are in a long distance relationship, arranged relationship with someone you know little or nothing about, social media oriented relationship, inter-tribal/ inter-racial relationship with someone you know little or nothing about.
  • marital/relationship status: Are they married, divorced, or widowed and are keeping it a secret? Do they have child(ren) that you are not aware of? I have heard people say things like: “I never knew he/she was married!” Find out!
  • criminal records (if any): These could reveal records of domestic violence issues, criminal convictions and prison terms, etc. which he/she never told you about.

How To Run A Background Check Before Marriage:

  • Trusted family members and friends: In Africa in general and Nigeria in particular, we use trusted family members and friends a lot in running background checks before marriage. This involves checking out the persons family background and reputation. It reveals if or not the person/family is notorious for any vices.
  • Hiring a detective agency: Some people also use detective agencies to do background check before marriage on their prospective spouses. This makes it more professional. Also, at times, families take it upon themselves to run a background check on their prospective son/daughter in-law.

  • Social media platforms: Though some people put up fake appearances on social media platforms, yet such platforms can provide very useful information on your prospective spouse. Checking the twitter handle and Facebook page of your spouse-to-be can give you information about them, their interests, values and the kind of friends they keep.

  • Internet: Searching the persons name, email, phone number, etc. on the internet can also provide useful information.
  • Checking the workplace/business area: You can also do some underground investigation at the person’s workplace/business area.

Which other areas do you think background check before marriage should be carried out?

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2 thoughts on “Background Check Before Marriage-Very Important

  1. shade says:

    Background checks may be good but I do not recommend it in a real serious Christian relationship,old things have passed away behind all things are become new ,some assembly discourage it for reasons best known to them but for me though as a christian when you actually pray before the relationship started then there may be no need for that

    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      These days, there is a lot of deception going on even in the church and many have been received. Therefore, I recommend background check for anyone going into any serious relationship to avoid unpleasant surprises. I think churches should encourage it because the church herself is a mixed multitude. Thank you for your thoughts.

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