Woman Allegedly Kills Husband, Three Children, Self In Benue


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Woman kills husband, three children, self
Woman kills husband, three children, self


Woman kills husband, three children, self
Woman kills husband, three children, self



Rachel Adetsav, A staff of Makurdi Local Government has allegedly killed her husband, her three children before killing herself on Saturday night in Benue State.

One of the neighbours said that her husband, Nicholas Adetsav, was found dead on the floor with foaming on the mouth, the three children murdered before she allegedly stabbed herself to death.

The Benue State Police Command confirmed the incident to journalists on Saturday.

Speaking on behalf of the command, Mr Moses Yamu said, “From the information available to us, the woman has been having issues with her husband which might have culminated into the incident”

When Channels Television visited the victims’ home on Saturday morning, one of the neighbours confirmed that the woman, Rachael Adetsav, usually beats the husband.

According to the eyewitness, the late Rachael first vandalised her husband’s car and bolted the door before killing him and the three children.

However, the Police say an investigation into the case has commenced.


Source: Channels Television


News Issue:


This is both unbelievable and unimaginable!

What could make someone unleash such hell on both family and self?

Domestic violence is so real and its infestation into our society is quite obvious.

Relationship and marriage is great but not by force!

If you are in a relationship/marriage where you and your partner can hardly tolerate yourselves and violence is setting in, there is no need to wait for things to deteriorate to the point of no return before seeking for help.

If you are in a violence infested relationship/marriage, seek help fast before your story becomes a tragic News report!


One of the first steps to take when in a violent relationship/marriage is to MOVE OUT/SEPARATE from the violence scene and seek help. You need to be alive to take further actions.

There is no shame in speaking out and calling for help if you are a victim of domestic violence.

Don’t keep quiet and bottle-up things within yourself, believing that the abusive partner will change.

Most domestic violence cases start with just a hit/slap and then graduate to using dangerous weapons and probably death. The more you endure, the more abusive your partner becomes.

Are you a victim of domestic violence?

Do you know someone who is facing domestic violence?

Don’t keep quiet or look away. Rather, speak out, get help, separate and escalate the matter!

Is it possible for a victim of domestic violence to be so used to being abused and takes it to be a normal thing?



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    1. chidimmaihebie says:

      I also wonder what really went wrong? It looks like an explosion of a lot of things that have been bottled up. This one is obviously beyond imagination, especially with the killing of the children.

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