How And Where To Find Eligible Bachelors/Spinsters


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How and where to find eligible bachelors/spinsters
How and where to find eligible bachelors/spinsters

Man is a social animal or being and one of the means of maintaining this trait is marriage which has been said to be the oldest institution as far as mankind is concerned. It is therefore not surprising that how and where to find eligible bachelors/spinsters is usually one of the items occupying the desire lists of those who believe they are matured or old enough for marriage.

Delay in getting married can be a source of immense worry or pressure.

Unfortunately, there are many nice and well behaved people of marriageable age who have not been able to get married as a result of combination of factors.

Chief among these factors is what I call “faulty of marketing strategy arsing from compressed geographic presentation or location”. Simply put some people are not just being or going where they ought to be in order to be seen or appreciated.

Every marketer knows that no matter how good a product is, if it not somehow taken to the place where the quality of that good is appreciated, the goods may never be sold.

Two things need to be understood here: the good needs to get to people and, most importantly, to people who can appreciate it and understand its worth. A good product needs to be opened up or properly exposed to the right consumer.

If you really want to get married, you need to be exposed to those who will really value you good enough to get married to you.

Yes a good product sells itself, but it must be seen first by an appreciating buyer!!!

Life, especially in the cities can be quite tough and sapping. One can actually live in one of the most populated cities and still be lonely or socially confined. Take Lagos State for example. A person can spend about 40 to 50% of the week in the traffic while the rest is spent sleeping or carrying out house chores with no time for interacting with others.

Even the weekends may not be left out as much part of them may be dedicated to cleaning, resting or spent at places of worships.

Consequently, one may see a very good looking eligible single possessing millions or lengths of spousal material but still single simply because he or she has no time or even opportunity to mingle.

How And Where To Find Eligible Bachelors/Spinsters Are As Follows:

  • Go out more: You need to develop good marketing strategies with the right targets in mind. You need to plan to go out more and interact more with others.
  • Find out where your type is: You need to find out where your specifics are and start going to those places. In other words, be found at the right place at the right time.
  • On lighter but serious note, sometime ago somebody drew up a list of certain places you can prowl in Lagos to meet the love of your life. Although the person who made the list might have meant it as a joke, I think our singles should take it as being more than a joke.
  • However, you may likely get an eligible spouse at the following places
  • Shopping malls
  • Weddings/Events
  • Lekki-Ikoyi Toll bridge during jogging hours
  • Pentecostal churches especially the trendy ones
  • Somebody said GTB banking hall (The bulk of GTB customers are young people and there are never silent moments in its banking halls. Just visit one on a good day and you will understand what I mean. Please go with extra pen!!!! Lol)
  • Cinemas (opportunity here is quite limited because most of those who go to cinemas come as couples)
  • Public transport vehicle ranging from the good old danfo to the trendy Air Conditioned BRT buses. (always take extra cash to pay for that good looking guy or lady…you never can tell!!!!)
  • Airports waiting lounge (but always be there on time. A person who is late for his or her flight may not have time for matters of the heart)
  • Stadiums and gyms centers
  • Work places depending on where you work.
  • Courts!!! Yes you heard me right. You can visit the courts at your spare times and see how the courts themselves present spinsters to you. You see, whenever female lawyers announce their appearances in court, the judges usually ask whether the lady is a Miss or Mrs. A judge actually confessed that one of the reasons for this questions is to tactically inform male lawyers the females who are available or single

The list is inexhaustible. So, you can add to it!!!

Guest Writer: Emeka Ihebie


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  1. chidimmaihebie says:

    Interesting! This article is so on point!
    Having all the best marriageable qualities is one thing and being available for those qualities to be seen and appreciated is another thing.

    I think it is high time singles mingled.
    Thank you for this timely write-up.

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