Children eating per hour during COVID-19 pandemic

Children Eating Per Hour During COVID-19 Pandemic

Children eating per hour during COVID-19 pandemic

Parenting is one of those courses that run for a lifetime.

This lockdown as result of the COVID-19 pandemic has not made my parenting job any easier.

Initially, I thought that I had my parenting skills and the patience required all under control. I have however come to realise that “control” in parenting could be an illusion.

One of the issues that really gets to me is the per hour eating habit of my children. (I exaggerated a little you know… Lol…)

Imagine you are so tired and sleepy and decide to take an afternoon nap, only for you to hear a choir rehearsal song of “mummy I am hungry….”.

This song doesn’t just come once or twice. Rather, it keeps sounding in your ears until you do the needful. Can you imagine that?

The most annoying part is that some of these choir rehearsal episodes come just a few hours after the previous meal.

One thing is certain, when birds start flying without perching, the hunter also learns to shoot without aiming! (It’s a Nigerian proverb).

Trust me, I have also devised a means of curbing the indiscriminate demand for food by insisting that my children take at least a full glass of water in-between meals.

And you know what?

It works! Yeah, though temporarily, at least for me to buy one hour or more before the next choir rehearsal episode.

So, tell us, because I am sure that I am not alone in this indiscriminate eating thing.

How have you been coping with the feeding habit of your children in this lockdown period?

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